Organizational Development

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Is your organization going through change?

Would you like the change to be sustainable?

OrganizationalDev_smlOrganizational Development (OD) focuses on building processes, systems and structures to improve the effectiveness of an organization.  Interventions can range from enhancing the effectiveness of  individuals and teams as well as the organization as a whole. OD interventions involve change that must be managed for the change to be sustainable.

Approach to Organization Development:

I help organizations address their challenges, adapt to change, make tough choices, and develop sustainable solutions.  My approach to Organizational Development is to:

  • Conduct a preliminary diagnosis of the organizational development need
  • Collect data to understand issues
  • Provide feedback of the data to the client
  • Develop appropriate interventions based on data
  • Support action planning

Sample Projects:

  • Led the development of a Capability Development Framework to define leadership and technical capabilities required to execute on business strategy.
  • Led a company-wide strategic initiative to develop tools for District Managers to help them support Store Associates in alignment of the corporate strategy.
  • Developed a recognition program to increase engagement within an organization.
  • Designed a governance process for a leadership team to define the mandate of the team to effectively run the operation of the organization.
  • Designed and facilitated Leader Assimilation sessions to ramp up the integration of newly appointed Leaders with their direct reports.
  • Built change management strategies on organizational wide initiatives to reinforce and sustain the change effort.


Having the opportunity to work with Munira gives you a first hand experience with “commitment to excellence.”  She was presented with an opportunity to develop and introduce a Succession Planning process into an organization where the attention had been lacking.  She collaborated beautifully with a diverse group of clients assessing both the need and the organizational appetite for change.  Her resulting product was a comprehensive succession planning process supported by a solid technical tool.  In capturing this critical information and providing on-going support for senior leaders in a variety of disciplines, Munira provided a solid foundation upon which we could build.  The end result?  Quality data and robust career oriented conversations at senior levels.  Who could ask for more?

— VP, Human Resources, Zurich North America