Learning and Development

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Do you need support with building a learning strategy?

Do you need to develop a training program?

LearningDev_smlLearning and Development focuses on building the appropriate learning interventions to best meet your business needs.

Approach to Learning and Development:

I have extensive experience in managing the learning and development function for several organizations.  My approach to learning and development is to:

  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Define performance objectives
  • Seek instructional methods
  • Develop materials
  • Facilitate programs
  • Measure outcomes

Sample Projects:

  • Managed the Learning & Development function for several organizations, including financial, pharmaceutical and retail organizations.
  • Led the development of a Pharmacy Technician School to provide new and existing pharmacy technicians with the skills and knowledge to become “supertechs” to support the organization’s labor model.
  • Managed the re-design of the store succession planning training program to support and build expertise of individuals targeted to become Associates, Front Store Managers and Cosmetic Managers.
  • In a union environment, led the development of a program to help managers better understand the collective agreement and build productive relationships with their union employees for improved teamwork and performance.


Let me tell you, I continue to receive positive feedback regarding your seminar.  I have been using many of the quick and easy techniques you demonstrated and I feel like I am having great success.  I have  been very prepared – gathering my information and examples to back up my main points and using the Strength/Opportunities grid to generate discussion and starting things off positively.  My direct reports are more willing to accept feedback on where they need to improve.. Your seminar has had an impact on me and on many others who attended.

— Manager,  Rogers Cable