Leadership Development

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Do you need to build leadership capabilities within your organization?

Do you need to motivate and retain talent?

LeadershipDev_smlLeadership Development focuses on building leadership capabilities so leaders  have a greater impact within the organization.  It includes enhancing leadership competencies and developing the skills and attitudes required to effectively lead others.

Approach to Leadership

I work with leaders and leadership teams to optimize their leadership style and impact.

Sample Projects:

  • Developed and facilitated Leadership Development programs for current and emerging leaders at a financial institution.
  • Designed and implemented a Talent Planning process to identify, develop and retain key talent.
  • Developed a Performance Management process for a financial institution.
  • Developed and designed Leadership Assimilation sessions to ramp up the integration of newly appointed leaders to ensure a team quickly becomes productive after a management change.
  • Executed a leadership project to provide leaders with the opportunity to transfer their learning by working on real business strategies.
  • Facilitated peer meetings for leaders to work collaboratively with their peers to solve problems.


I found your Leadership program to be very beneficial as it had a major part in how I conduct myself and how it assisted me in leading my team.  It opened my mind to how to deal with my peers.  After attending your program, I have put various plans in place, which have made my workload a little easier.  Thank you for the experience.

— Supervisor of Customer Accounts, VFC

The entire program, “Developing People” helped me pick up new methods of developing staff.  It provided me with the ability to identify and act upon performance issues.  Great real life use of examples.  Fine use of limited time available.  Could not find a better discussion leader – enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Great job Munira!

— Risk Engineering, Zurich North America